We want to make sure you get the correct advice when you go to print your book so we have created this FAQ. You will find some of the most common questions we get. If your particular question is not answered then contact us for any help.

FAQ for Book Printing

Paperback books are the most common type of books printed around the world. Paperback books are good for low-cost high unit run productions. If you are wanting something a bit special or for limited purchase then having your book printed as a hardback is the way to go. Remember, hardback books can cost significantly more, especially if you have all the extras. Find out more about hardback books here.

Turnaround times can vary between book printers. Proof copies can be delivered within a week. With most smaller book printing companies books can be delivered within 2 weeks. For larger runs and for hardback books this turnaround time will be longer. For larger printing companies the turnaround times can be months.

After you finish your manuscript it is not quite ready for printing. Most printing companies will need to have files supplied in press-ready PDF file formats. In order to get your file into this format, you will need to get it typeset. We can recommend the services of Typesetting UK.

We can advise you on what you should look for when choosing a book printer but the decision comes down to yourself. You need to pick a book printer which is right for you not who we think is right for you. There are a few different printing companies in our book printing quote guide which you can look into.

No, we are not. We offer advice and guidance to all authors and publishing companies for printing their books.

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