Paperback book printing is the most affordable option for publishing companies and self-publishing authors. Some of the best-looking books in the world have been produced by paperback books. With some of the options that have been brought to market in recent years paperback books can be customised to suit any style you like.

Your paperback books can have many different custom options; foiling, emboss or deboss, custom endpapers, jackets. You also have many different lamination styles. The only limit to customisation is how much time and effort you want to dedicate to the design of your book.

The more custom options you select for your paperback books, the more the printing will cost. However, almost all paperback book printing will be cheaper than hardback books. Hardback books take a lot more time and effort to print. However they can feel a lot better, the decision is down to what you prefer and what your budget is also.

collection of paperback books

A good printing company will be able to turnaround a run length of your books, between 500 and 1000 paperback books in roughly 2 weeks. Whereas hardback books you could be looking in the region of 4 weeks and possibly longer. You need to make sure that whatever printing option you go for fits in with any book launch or preorders you have to fill.

With regards to the cost of the books, more people will tend to pay you more for a hardback back. Especially if it has been designed to a high standard. The more custom options you select for your book such as; embossing, soft-touch matt lamination, custom endpapers etc, then the more you can charge. But if the design is not up to a high standard then you may struggle to sell your book at a higher price.

Thankfully the digital revolution has made it easier for all publishing companies and self-published authors to start paperback book printing. The only limitation is how much time and effort you want to put into your book.

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Watch the video below to see how paperback book printing is carried out.